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Wart Off Freeze Spray 38ml

Wart Off Freeze Spray 38ml

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What is Wart-Off Freeze?

The name is self-explanatory: Wart-Off Freeze freezes warts!

In medical terms this is called cryotherapy. The wart is frozen to the core in just 10 seconds. After 10 to 14 days the wart may fall off and new healthy skin will be visible.

What does Wart-Off Freeze do?

Wart-Off Freeze ensures that warts are removed through the process of freezing.

By placing the device on the skin over the wart, the wart is completely enclosed. When the aerosol can is activated, the cryogenic liquid freezes the wart in 10 seconds.

What makes Wart-Off Freeze so special?

Your General Practioner uses a method where fluid nitrogen (approx -180 C) is applied via cotton wool onto the wart. This method deeply freezes the wart. This treatment can be experienced by children as painful and scary.

Wart-Off Freeze is ready for use straight from the pack. After you have placed the opening of the cap over the wart and the aerosol can has been activated, the entire enclosed wart will be frozen to the core in just 10 seconds. Simple, fast and effective!

What makes Wart-Off Freeze so special?

* Child friendly freezing method. Unnecessary pain is avoided as the wart-freezing action is short lived and gradual. This makes Wart-Off Freeze particularly child friendly as only a slight pain is perceived during application

* Use straight from the pack. The special application cap is already on the aerosol can. You can start treatment straight away. You don't need to assemble any loose pieces before hand. Specially designed for an easy to use home application

* Simple, fast and safe. Place cap over the wart, press 3 times, wait 10 seconds, done. Overdose is not possible, because of special metering valve.

* For hands and feet 1 suffices

* Works effectively - special application cap encloses the wart completely. No loss of cold. All cold is concentrated and directed onto the wart. Cold enters deeply into the core of the wart

* Extra cleansing wipes and protective plasters are enclosed.



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