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Frequenty Asked Questions
Below are some frequently asked questions by our customers, that may help with your query.
If you still have queries, please don't hesitate to contact us.

How long will my order take to get to me?
Over 90 percent of orders are picked, packed and dispatched within 24 hours of placement. Delivery times are reliant upon normal Australia Post delivery times. Australia Post eParcels take approximately 3 to 5 business working days.

What happens if I am not at home when my order is delivered?
CutPricePharmacy uses registered mail through Australia Post to deliver parcels. If you are not at home to receive the parcel, a card will be left so you can pick it up from your closest post office.

Can I fax my prescription?
We must receive the original Australian Prescription before we can dispense and send it.

What happens if I am after a product that is not listed on the website?
CutPrice Pharmacy will attempt to locate products that are not located on our website for sales. You just need to send the relevant information to and we will try our best.

How do I cancel an order?
The best way is to email us ASAP and we will cancel it. You must remember that in most cases, orders placed are dispatched the same or next business day. Orders that have been dispatched cannot be cancelled and will have to be posted back at the expense of the customer. As long as the packaging is in original condition, a full refund less postage will be provided. Prescription Medications are unable to be refunded or returned once they have been dispatched.

Can I ring directly and speak to a pharmacist?
Yes. We have Pharmacists available on phone 5 days a week from 8.00am – 6.00pm Monday to Friday at the cost of a local call in Australia. The phone number is 1300 980 200. 

Can I put my families’ patient profiles on my account?
Yes. Registered Users can create as many patient profiles they require for people they may order for. As we strive to provide the best health care we can for our customers, patient profiles ensure we can screen customers for any possible interactions.

Why do some prescription items have four different prices?
Items, which are subsidised by the government under the National Health Service (NHS), are charged at different prices depending on the type of benefit card a customer may have. There are three levels under the NHS. The first is called General patients. These are customers with a Medicare card but no other benefit cards ie no pension or concession card. These people must pay up to the first $35.40, before the government starts to subsidise their medicines. The second is concession patients. These are people who are on a health care card, pension card, veterans affairs card or safety net concession card. These patients pay the first $5.80 of a script and the government subsidises the rest. The third is the safety net entitlement patients. These are people who have a benefit card and obtain 60 scripts in a calendar year. These people obtain scripts at no cost. The private price you see on most prescription medications is the price with no government subsidy.
Please note that additional charges may apply over and above these if a patient elects to receive a more expensive brand.

Why can I only order one lot of an NHS item at a time?
The government under the National Health Service (NHS) subsidises many medicines so that all Australians can have access to affordable prescription medicines. Because they are paying for some or all of the cost of these, they impose restrictions on how frequently they can be dispensed. This varies from item to item but you can ask your pharmacist what the time interval is on a particular product. In most cases the time interval is 21 days. Items dispensed before this time interval cannot be covered under the NHS except in special circumstances.

Can I return prescription medicine for a refund?
No. Prescription Medications cannot be returned due to NSW Health Regulations.

In the event I cannot obtain a prescription for a "pharmacist only medcine", how can I order these medications?
A customer can place an order for “pharmacist only medication” online or over the phone and receive direct counselling from a pharmacist that will allow the medication to be sent without a prescription. Please phone us and ask to talk to one of our pharmacists.

How can I pay for an order and is it safe?
CutPrice Pharmacy accepts most major credit cards. The transaction is performed by the bank under 128 bit security ensuring the highest level of security, as well as eliminating the need for CutPrice Pharmacy to see the card, as well as store numbers. For customers who do not have or would prefer not to use credit cards, they can elect to pay by internet or phone banking by using BPay. Another secure option is Paypal. If you would like to pay by credit card but do not wish to do this over the internet, our BPay option allows credit card payments.

Why have I been charged for products that CutPrice Pharmacy could not supply?
All orders must be paid in full before CutPrice Pharmacy can process them. CutPrice Pharmacy stocks around 90% of products ordered . Most of these arrive the same day the order is placed. In some instances, suppliers may not have stock of a product and CutPrice Pharmacy was not informed until after an order was placed. In these cases, the item is cancelled from the order and a refund is given by cheque.

How can I track the progress of my order?
You can also track your order status as you will recieve an email with your tracking number.

How can I receive my orders without paying freight?
Orders are sent freight free where they exceed $150 in value.

Do I need to have cookies enabled to use the CutPrice Pharmacy web site?
Yes, you must be able to accept session cookies for all functions on the CutPrice Pharmacysite to work.

Can I obtain more than one supply of a prescription medicine in one order?
No. Unless your doctor has endorsed your script "Regulation 24" or has written the prescription for the increased quantity we are unable to supply increased amounts. Please talk to one of our pharmacists before placing an order in this case.

Can Fragrances be returned for exchange or refund?
No. Fragrances, medicines and vitamins cannot be returned for refund or exchange.

Can I have all of my repeats dispensed in one order?
No. Unless your doctor has endorsed the prescription "Regulation 24" or has supplied a signed consent form to allow multiple packs to be supplied. You can also ask your doctor to write your script out for the increased quantity. Please note that if you do obtain multiple packs on the one order, they may no longer count towards your Safety Net limit. If you would like to know more about the Safety Net, please phone and ask to talk to a pharmacist. Medicines cannot be returned for a refund.