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VRINDAVAN Clove Bud Oil 25ml

VRINDAVAN Clove Bud Oil 25ml

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VRINDAVAN Clove Bud 25ml - 100% Essential Oil

Clove Essential Oil is an essential item for the first aid and for cleaning - naturally.

Clove oil is a great addition to any medicine cabinet and home-cleaning cupboard.

Clove oil is a great topical analgesic and has been used for many years to help with the discomfort associated with tooth pain. Use one drop on a clean finger to apply directly to the gum (try not to get any on your tongue). Obviously if you have a serious dental issue you should seek the advice of a dentist!

Clove oil is also an excellent mould killer and can be diluted in a large amount of water and sprayed onto household furniture or walls that have mould.

Clove Oil is great for combatting mould. As the hot, humid weather approaches, make sure you have some on hand. The clove oil attacks and kills mould spores leaving your home fresh and clean.

Clove oil can also be used to treat a variety of health disorders including toothaches, indigestion, coughs, asthma, headaches, stress and blood impurities.

Clove Bud Oil comes from the flower buds of a clove shrub or tree.

This product is suitable for vegetarians.


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