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Travelan 30 Caplets

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General Information

Most competitive products only treat the illness once you have got it and do not reduce the risk of getting the illness.

Travelan reduces your risk of getting Travellers’ Diarrhoea (TD) rather than having to treat the symptoms after the condition has begun. Travelan has been shown in medical clinical trials to significantly decrease the risk of TD and to decrease the symptoms of minor gastrointestinal disorders, whereas treatment products aim to slow diarrhoea symptoms after TD has begun.

Travelan will not expose you to the serious and debilitating effects of TD.


Travelan is designed to be taken before every meal. Take one caplet three times daily before meals. Additional caplets may be taken when increased cover is required, eg. when snacking between meals or if circumstances suggest an increased risk of infection. Travelan should be used as an adjunct to normal travel hygiene practices: “Boil it, cook it, peel it, open the bottle yourself… or forget it” summarises this approach.

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