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Thermoskin Knee Brace Open Wrap with Dual Pivot Hinge

Thermoskin Knee Brace Open Wrap with Dual Pivot Hinge

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Thermoskin Open Wrap Knee Brace with Dual Pivot Hinge contains high quality hinges to promote unilateral bracing whilst not inhibiting functional mobility. Open wrap design promotes adjustability and ease of application. It may be utilised to assist in treating most instability ailments of the knee including medial or lateral instability. The patented Trioxon Advantage thermal technology provides support and protection for the knee, keeping it warm to help prevent, treat and rehabilitate soft tissue injuries and provide post-operative treatment for ligament and meniscus surgeries.

Support Level: Advanced Stabilising / Warmth Level: Moderate

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Key features and benefits:

  • Wrap design promotes adjustability and ease of application
  • Provides light but firm compression to the knee region to counteract tissue swelling
  • High quality dual pivot hinges permits functional mobility
  • Lined with Trioxon® Advantage patented material for enhanced recovery - clinically developed and exclusive to Thermoskin
  • Available in six sizes
  • Universal design, can be worn on either knee
  • Endorsed by APA (Australian Physiotherapy Association) & AIS (Australian Institute of Sport)
  • Covered by a 12 month guarantee against faulty workmanship or materials

May be suitable treatment for:

  • Meniscus Ligament injuries
  • Medial and lateral injuries
  • Medial Collateral Ligament injuries

Size guide:

Measurement Location Measure slightly bent, underneath knee cap.
Size Chart img-responsive
*It is important that you choose the correct size for maximum product benefits.

Please ensure you measure correctly before purchasing this product as we don't offer a refund or exchange for incorrect sizing.

How to wear:

1. Undo all straps.
2. Apply the product so that the knee patella hole is sitting comfortably over the patella in the mid-section of the 3-piece knee.
3. Lock in hinges with the top and bottom fastener straps.

  • For thermal treatment to be truly effective, the heat needs to be generated continuously for long periods
  • This knee brace should not be worn within 72 hours after an acute injury
  • Wear directly against the skin. Do not use heat creams inside the knee brace


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