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Tears Again Dry Eye Spray 10ml

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tearsagain is a revolutionary spray for the relief of dry eye symptoms and it's so simple, you can do it with your eyes closed!

Latest research reveals 78% of dry eye sufferers have a disturbance of the eye's lipid layer which controls tear evaporation. This means, in most cases, dry eye is caused by excessive tear evaporation rather than insufficient tears. Conventional treatments only address the aqueous or watery layer of the eye and do not address the cause of the condition.

Developed by German company Optima Pharmaczeutische, tearsagain effectively stabilises the lipid layer of the dry eye. A stable lipid layer reduces tear evaporation by up to 95%.

* Suitable for contact lens wearers
* Can be used while wearing eye make-up
* Up to 3 year shelf life once opened
* No cross contamination can occur
* One bottle contains 100 metered dose applications

Directions for use: Hold approximately 10cm away from the closed eye and spray tearsagain 1-2 times on closed eyelids.

General recommendation: Use 3-4 times daily. For more severe cases tearsagain may be used more often without consideration. tearsagain may be used for as long as symptoms persist.


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