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Sustagen Ready To Drink Smooth Vanilla 250ml

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Sustagen Ready to Drink

Sustagen Ready to Drink is a delicious vitamin and mineral
packed drink, that's low fat and low GI for longer lasting energy.SUSTAGEN READY TO DRINK is a great tasting
oral supplement high in protein, calcium and a range of
vitamins and minerals in a ready to drink pack providing
1.0 calorie per mL.

Clinical Indications
* Chronic illness
* Loss of appetite
* Swallowing difficulties
* After injury (rehabilitation)
* Surgery (pre and post operative)
* Unintentional weight loss

Features and Benefits

*Contains Protein Helps maintain lean muscle mass
*Low Fat 97% Fat Free
*Low GI GI = 31 for slower burning energy
*High in Calcium For bone health along with neuromuscular and cardiac function
*High in Iron Plays a central role in oxygen transport within the body
*Gluten Free
*Suitable for coeliacs
*Handy 250ml Single Serve Suitable for those on the go, lunch boxes or handbag snacks

Mega Choc, Dutch Choc,
Mocha Choc, French Vanilla

Serving Suggestions
Ready to drink on the go
Chill and Serve
Freeze and place in lunchboxes or hand bags for fuel on the go.


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