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Stayfree All Night Wings X 10

Stayfree All Night Wings X 10

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Product Description.
Comfortable protection made even better from Stayfree?. -18 Anti-Leak Channels designed to quickly absorb fluid deep into the pad giving you maximum protection. -Cottony-Soft Quilted Cover so delicately soft and smooth providing comfortable protection throughout the night. -Odour Neutralises help neutralise odours before they start! With natural plant extracts and a gentle hint of freshness. -Body Fit Design raised centre to fit your body better to help prevent leakage. -Thermocontrol Cover designed to draw excess humidity away helping skin to breathe to give you extra comfort. -Bigger Side Wings to hold the pad snugly in place to protect against side leakage. -Rear Leak Guard with a bigger and wider absorbency area at the back of the pad to maximise leak protection.
General Information

New Stayfree All Nights Extra Long With Wings Pads provide even better comfort and protection. The special 360 fit is designed to protect from every angle.

Stay Protected

Stayfree is designed for 360 fit to help protect against front, back and side leakage. The raised centre helps the pad fit your body better and the extra length and width at the rear of the pad is designed to deliver superior protection during the night* to help you enjoy a good nights sleep.

Stay Comfortable

Stayfree's Cottony-Soft Quilted Cover is soft and gentle onskin, and the unique anti-leak channel quickly absorbs fluid deep into the pad, designed for superior protection during the night (vs Stayfree day pads).

Stay Fresh

Stayfreshactive odour neutralisers provide a delicate hint of freshness so you can wake up feeling clean and refreshed.

Stay Dry

Only Stayfree has the Thermocontrol cover. Inspired by high-performance athleticwear (Stayfree pads are not made from the same material as athletic fabric), Thermocontrol cover is expertly designed to draw moisture away from the body to keep you dry and comfortable.

If irritation develops, discontinue use. Consult physician if irritation persists.

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