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Skin Basics Aqueous Lotion Soap Free Wash 500ml (Pump)

Skin Basics Aqueous Lotion Soap Free Wash 500ml (Pump)

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Product Information/benefits
*Is made to a dermatological standard and is both a soap substitute and moisturiser.
*Using Skin Basics Aqueous Lotion everyday helps maintain skin's natural balance.
*Hypoallergenic and pH balanced - suitable for sensitive skin.
*Non-greasy, fast absorbing
*Free of colour, perfume, lanolin and propylene glycol.
*Can be used on face, hands and body.

Directions (How to use)
-Cleansing: Liberally apply lotion and gently massage in a circular motion. Washing off with water.
-Moisturising: Liberally apply lotion to dry or affected areas and massage lightly. Reapply several times a day.

Purified Water, Paraffin Soft white, Paraffin Liquid, Emulsifying Wax-anionic, Phenoxyethanol

*Dry Skin
*Sensitive Skin
*Normal Skin
*Conditions-(eg. eczema, dermatitus)
*With shower/bath/hand basin
*After waxing

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