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Sea Bond Denture Adhesive Lowers 30

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Detailed Product Description

Denture Fixative Seals.Guaranteed to hold all day. Tasteless, soft fixative seal, No mess, can't ooze. Added breath freshner. Wafer thin, Fleece soft, Powerful adhesives

Sea bond is a wafer thin fleece- soft seal with a powerful. all natural adhesive blended right in. Totally unlike pastes and powders, this seal is tasteless, odourless, cannot ooze out. Peels off easily, no messy clean-ups
Seabond has a special adhesice which comes from the sea plant kelp, plus another adhesive for all-day secruity. Unlike adhesives which weaken in moisture, the adhesive power of SEABOND is activated and strengthened by the natural fluids in the mouth.

Please read enclosed prrinted bag for more information and instructions

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