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Schwarzkopf Hair Mascara Dark Blonde 16mL

Schwarzkopf Hair Mascara Dark Blonde 16mL

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Schwarzkopf Hair Mascara's precise applicator brush allows you to target and instantly cover grey or lighter hair on both strands and roots. Quick drying formula leaves an even, matte and natural-looking colour result. Temporary colour - washes out after 1 shampoo.
  • Schwarzkopf Hair Mascara is suitable for daily usage.
  • To reach the most optimal and natural-looking colour result, apply only as much product as needed - too much product may result in extended drying time and a sticky feel to the hair.
  • Apply on clean, dry hair.
  • Allow product to air dry. To avoid a brittle feel to the hair, do not use a blow dryer after application.
  • Fully washable after 1 shampoo - to remove the colour, simply shampoo your hair as usual.
  • Colour on skin or other surfaces can be easily removed with soap and water.
  • The colour result depends on your base hair colour.
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