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Regaine for Men Extra Strength (5%) 60ml (1 month supply)

Regaine for Men Extra Strength (5%) 60ml (1 month supply)

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General Information
**Regaine - same as Rogaine** CANNOT BE SENT EXPRESS POST DUE TO DANGEROUS GOODS DECLARATION Regaine® is the only medically proven topical solution that helps slow or stop hereditary hair loss. In 4 out of 5 users, Regaine® Extra Strength (5% minoxidil) stabilises hair loss after 8 weeks of treatment; Regaine® Regular Strength (2% minoxidil) stabilises hair loss after 3 - 4 months of treatment. Some people will even grow new hair. Regaine® was first available in Australia in 1992 and since then over 5 million people have used Regaine® worldwide. The active ingredient in Regaine® is minoxidil, which has been researched extensively for its effectiveness in treating hair loss. Scientists believe that it works by helping the blood flow to the cells in your scalp which grow hair, or that it might increase the number of actively growing cells.
Hair growth is a slow process, and Regaine® will not work overnight. But it does work. It has been medically proven to work for 4 out of 5 people. We say "medically proven" - but what does it really mean? Before the health authorities approve a pharmaceutical product for human use, a substantial amount of documentation has been scrutinised. This material often covers many years of basic research on efficacy, safety and mode of action, as well as time consuming and expensive clinical trials. These studies are often performed in many countries and by independent research centres. A pharmaceutical product can only be approved after the national health authorities have analysed all this documentation. Only when this approval has been granted may a pharmaceutical company claim that its' product is medically and scientifically proven. In complete contrast to this, the documentation for cosmetic products is very sparse. There may be some information about the safety of some of the components, but almost nothing about how effective it is. And when it comes to claims and statements, cosmetics are under none of the rigorous rules and regulations that apply to registered pharmaceuticals. In short, every single claim made in respect of a registered pharmaceutical has been documented and approved by the health authorities in each respective country. If you are using Regaine® Extra Strength (5% minoxidil), it will take at least 8 weeks to see results. If you are using the Regaine® Regular Strength (2% minoxidil), it will take 3 - 4 months to see results. The advantage of the gradual result is that other people won't immediately notice that you're treating your hair loss. Two to six weeks after starting treatment you may notice you are losing even more hair. Don't be alarmed - this is completely normal. It's caused by your hair follicles shifting from a dormant phase to an active growing phase: as new hair growth begins, your old hairs are released and fall out. (See why do I lose hair). Make it a Habit To achieve the best results, you must use Regaine® twice a day directly on the scalp, when it is dry. Although this may be easy to remember at first, it's important to keep up with the applications as this will give you the best possible result. Try to incorporate Regaine® into your daily routine. For instance, try using Regaine® in the morning after shaving and in the evening about half an hour before you go to bed. Remember, for best results, you must apply Regaine® to a dry scalp. Seeing Results As we have said, Regaine® has been medically proven to slow or stop hair loss for 4 out of 5 users. If you use Regaine® Extra Strength (5% minoxidil) twice a day for 2 months or Regaine® Regular Strength (2% minoxidil) for 3 to 4 months, you should find that your hair loss has stabilised. In some cases, you may begin to notice some new hair growth. But don't be disappointed if it takes longer. Everyone is different and the effects vary from user to user. If you do start to regrow hair, it won't look like your normal hair at first. It will probably be soft, downy and barely visible. After continued treatment, some people will notice this new hair change and become the same colour and thickness as the rest of their hair. Stopping Treatment For continual benefits from Regaine® you must use it twice a day, every day. However, if you chose to stop the treatment, you'll simply revert to the pattern of hair loss you had before you started using Regaine®. The most important thing is that it is your decision to treat your hair loss or to stop treatment. You can choose when you are ready to let nature take its course. If you had regrowth when you were using Regaine® and you chose to stop the treatment, your hair won't suddenly fall out. You'll find that any new hair you may have grown disappears within 3 to 4 months and your original pattern of hair loss will start again.
Before starting treatment you should first determine whether the type of hair loss you have is hereditary. The typical pattern of hereditary hair loss is a receding hairline at the brow and temples, forming an M shape, followed by the hair on the crown thinning as the hairline recedes further.



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