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Piksters Inter Brush Size 1 Pack 10 (purple)

Piksters Inter Brush Size 1 Pack 10 (purple)

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A revolution in interdental brush performance and price. Almost half the price of other interdental brushes. Compare with the brushes you're currently using.

* STRONGER STIFFER WIRE - more resistant to bending and buckling - even in the smaller sizes.

* Good quality materials including DuPont Tynex filaments which deliver superior cleaning ability and extended brush life.

* TWISTY HANDLE - the slim, round handle, which is a unique feature, enables the user to rotate the brush. This makes insertion easier and also improves the cleaning ability.

* BRILLIANT IN FURCAS - the bristles compress on insertion and spring open on withdrawal - excellent cleaning in the difficult areas where it matters most, molars & premolars.

* CONVENIENT AND HYGENIC - No fiddly brush heads to replace (patient compliance is directly related to ease of use). Each brush has its own cap.

* Other brushes often have softer wire which has less resistance to bending and is less resiliant.

* Most other brushes can't be fully rotated, are awkward to use and may require handle extension.

* Floss cannot clean areas with concave surfaces.

* Small replaceable brush heads are less hygenic and can be difficult for some patients.

* Other brushes are much more expensive.


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