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Piksters Interdental Brushes Size 0 - 40 Pack

  • $1749
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A revolution in interdental brush performance and price. Almost half the price of other interdental brushes. Compare with the brushes you're currently using.

* STRONGER STIFFER WIRE - more resistant to bending and buckling - even in the smaller sizes.

* Good quality materials including DuPont Tynex filaments which deliver superior cleaning ability and extended brush life.

* TWISTY HANDLE - the slim, round handle, which is a unique feature, enables the user to rotate the brush. This makes insertion easier and also improves the cleaning ability.

* BRILLIANT IN FURCAS - the bristles compress on insertion and spring open on withdrawal - excellent cleaning in the difficult areas where it matters most, molars & premolars.

* CONVENIENT AND HYGENIC - No fiddly brush heads to replace (patient compliance is directly related to ease of use). Each brush has its own cap.

* Other brushes often have softer wire which has less resistance to bending and is less resiliant.

* Most other brushes can't be fully rotated, are awkward to use and may require handle extension.

* Floss cannot clean areas with concave surfaces.

* Small replaceable brush heads are less hygenic and can be difficult for some patients.

* Other brushes are much more expensive.

If you have bleeding gums
If your gums bleed when you first start to use Piksters, do not be concerned. it will stop in a week or two and is most likely a sign that you do need to use Piksters. It is usually due to existing inflammation in the gums, which causes weakening of the blood vessels.

This is due to insufficient plaque removal, which is in turn due to insufficient brushing. (Plaque is the sticky, white paste that forms a film on the teeth and gums). If you remove the plaque then the gum can heal and the bleeding will stop with time. So don't be concerned if your gums bleed to begin with - it is a sign that you need to brush more, not less. Please speak to your dentist if it continues -you may have a build up of hardened plaque (calculus or tartar) under the gum, which needs removal by a dental professional.

Please Note: All interdental brushes, toothpicks and sticks can put pressure on the tip of the gum, especially if you force it or use a brush that is too big for the space. This can cause a slight re-shaping of the gum over time. Use small sizes with a gentle action for cosmetic areas such as the front teeth and larger Piksters with a firmer action for the back teeth.


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