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Piksters Orthodontic Wax

Piksters Orthodontic Wax

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General Information

Piksters Orthodontic wax was developed to protect against irritation, pain and ulceration caused by orthodontic brackets and wires. Subtle Mint Flavour


Do not swallow


To relieve irritation and help ulcers heal, use as follows; 1. Pinch off a piece of wax approximately 8mm long. This is a rough guide only, use as much wax as necessary. 2. Roll the wax into a ball with your fingers. 3. Identify the irritating orthodontic bracket or wire and push the ball of wax back over itand pack it around the wire that it grips on. 4. Use your finger to shape the lump of wax so that the surface is relatively flat and feels smooth to your lips and / or tongue.

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