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Piksters Bamboo Inter Brush Right Angle 6 Pack Size 1

Piksters Bamboo Inter Brush Right Angle 6 Pack Size 1

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General Information

Piksters - This pack contains 6 individual right angle bamboo brushes for cleaning in between your teeth.
Piksters interdental brushes are small cylindrical brushes designed to slide into and clean the spaces between the teeth. Unlike floss, they can engage and remove the plaque from within the small crevices. It is important to effectively remove this plaque and bacteria, at least once a day. The longer the bacteria remain undisturbed, the more they are likely to cause decay and gum inflammation and eventually gum disease.
Piksters can be used one-handed, the cap can be used to extend the handle which also makes them easier to manipulate than floss and they are reusable, (rinse between use) so they represent good value.


If you are a regular interdental brush user, you can expect an interdental brush to break at some point. Usually they break where the wire meets the handle and the brush portion can be left between your teeth. To reduce this risk, avoid excessive bending of the wire, and limit the amount of uses per brush.


Choose a size that inserts without force. The correct size will fit easily.
Insert the brush head slowly with a gentle twist or wriggling action.
Access to back teeth will generally be easier as the brush head is bent. Pushing the tip will avoid a sharp bend where the wire meets the bamboo handle, and reduce the stress concentration and likelihood of breakage in the metal. 
If the wire buckles, discard the brush. Once buckled, it cannot be straightened properly.

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