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Pigeon SoftTouch Peri Plus Teat LL 2 Pack

Pigeon SoftTouch Peri Plus Teat LL 2 Pack

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General Information

A wide neck teat designed to mimic the shape of the mother's breast. For babies 9+ months.


Always use this product with adult supervision Never use as a soother Always check food temperature before feeding

Common Uses

A wide neck teat to be used with Pigeon's SofTouch Peristaltic PLUS nursing bottle. Suitable for babies 9+ months.


Made from silicone rubber. Heat resistance: 120C.


Before first use and after each use, wash thoroughly and sterilise. To assemble, insert the teat into the top of the bottle cap/collar. Press down firmly to check teat is secure and even. Press to make sure the air ventilation system opens.

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