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Osmolax 833g

Osmolax 833g

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General Information

OsmoLax restores the body's natural rhythm. It is virtually unabsorbed so it remains in the bowel and directs water into the stool. This lubricates and softens, as well as bulks the stool which stimulates the urge to go to the toilet.
The result is a natural and comfortable bowel movement.


The active ingredient in OsmoLax is called macrogol 3350. Macrogol is considered to be the 'gold standard' for the treatment of constipation


One level 17g measuring scoop mixed with 1 cup (approximately 240mL) of liquid once daily. This can be increased to a maximum of 2 doses of 17g daily, dependent on the severity of your constipation. For chronic constipation, the dose may be reduced to one 8.5g scoop mixed with 1/2 cup (approximately 120mL) of liquid daily, according to individual response.

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