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Optrex Eye Wash 110ml

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This new moisture replenishing formula is balanced at the natural pH level of tears, helping the eyes toåÊfeel soothed, rehydrated, comfortable and healthy.
While tears are nature's way of flushing and cleansing the eye, there are times when your eyes will need a little extra help. Optrex Eye Wash will gently bathe, rehydrate and soothe uncomfortable yes caused by everyday living

Use as often as requred

Use as follows as often as required:

1. Rinse eye bath with Wash immediatelyåÊbefore and after use.
2. Gently pour Wash intoåÊeye bath untilåÊone third full.
3. Bend head slightly forward, holding eye bath by its base.
4. Place eye bathåÊover theåÊeye.
5. Slowly raise head with eye open so that the Wash flows freely over it.
6. Gently rock head from side to side for at least 30 seconds.
7. Discard any Wash left in eye bath.
8. Repeat Steps 1-6åÊfor other eye with fresh Wash



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