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NutraLife Probiotica High Potency 50 Capsules

NutraLife Probiotica High Potency 50 Capsules

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General Information

Nutra-Life ProBiotica High Potency is a BROAD SPECTRUM PROBIOTIC
Gut microflora & Bowel health support, scientifically researched

This broad spectrum probiotic offers a real solution for digestive and immune health. Made from 11 researched strains and containing scientifically researched probiotic strain Howaru®, Nutra-Life ProBiotica ™ High Potency may help to support:

·         the health and function of the gastro-intestinal tract during and following antibiotic therapy

·         immunity, including reduced risk of mild upper respiratory tract infections

·         the health of the bowel and healthy bowel habits

·         the maintenance of urinary and genital tract health and the healthy immune function of newborns after birth when taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding


Shelf stable, Nutra-Life High Potency does not require shelf refrigeration.


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