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Nicotinell Patch 21mg 7 Patches

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Nicotinell patches, being a step-down approach will reduce your nicotine dose gradually rather than stopping suddenly. The program consists of 3 steps which you will need to follow. Each step has a specifically designed Nicotinell patch that supplies your body with nicotine over a 24 hour period. The dose of nicotine delivered through the patch decreases as you go from Nicotinell 30 through to Nicotinell 10. Completing the entire program will increase your chance of quitting successfully. The step at which you start the program will depend on how many cigarettes you smoke each day. Each Nicotinell patch can be worn for 24 hours so it works night and day.

Adult Dosage: Apply one patch at the same time every day, preferably on waking. Press patch firmly onto clean, dry, non-hairy skin, holding it in place for 20 seconds. Do not re-apply to previously used skin for 3 days.

NICOTINELL 30 (21mg) is the starting point for people who smoke 20 or more cigarettes a day. You should remain on Nicotinell 30, one patch per day, for 4 weeks. At this point NICOTINELL 20 (14mg) can be commenced on a daily basis for 4 weeks, prior to moving to: NICOTINELL 10 (7mg) for another period of 4 weeks. In total the Nicotinell treatment will take 12 weeks.

If you smoke less than 20 cigarettes per day you only need to start with Nicotinell 20 (14mg), and use this for 4 weeks. You can then follow on with Nicotinell 10 (7mg) for 8 weeks.


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