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Neat Feat Work Force Insole (Medium)

Neat Feat Work Force Insole (Medium)

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Work Force Insoles Offer these Benefits:

* Hard-Wearing Heavy Duty Insoles

* Durable Cushioning Materials

* Quality Construction

* Specially Designed For Heavy Workloads

* Moulded Nyloflex™ Shell Stabilises Foot

* Provides All-Day-Long Comfort and Support

* Deep Heel Cup and Arch Support help Anchor Foot

* Dense Ultra-Bound™ Foam for a More Custom Fit

* Posted Shell to Help Correct Foot Posture

* Helps Alleviate Heel Spur and Heel Strike Pain

* Distributes Body Weight Evenly Over Foot

* Relieves Stress from Spine, Knees, Ankles and Foot

* Odour-Inhibiting with Anti-Bacterial Top Cover

Heavy-Duty Cushioning Work Force Insoles


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