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Napro Palette Hair Colour 10-1 Ultra Light Ash Blonde

  • $1040
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Napro Palette – Long-lasting rich colour.

Enjoy the new Napro Palette with 7-Oils Serum – a permanent colouration with nourishing oils, enriched with intense colour pigments in a rich creme formulation. For stunningly rich and also long-lasting oil cared colour with up to 30% more care (vs. untreated hair) and a luscious glowing shine.

The 7-Oils Serum Treatment for extra care & further glamorous shine.

The rich 7-Oils Serum treatment with over a million oil droplets, is specially developed to maximise the care effect on hair after colouring, fruther leaving it beautifully soft, easy to detangle and amazingly supple to touch. The indulgent 7-Oils Serum transforms hair by treating it deeply from the inside and providing it with a beautiful healthy look. Better cared for hair will give an intensified colour result and glamorous shine.

Excellent Lightening Effect.

The highly effective creamy formula of Napro Palette lightens your hair for bright and also healthy-looking blonde tones.

Did You Know?

The intensive caring colour creme with concentrated colour pigments and also nourishing oils provides your hair with rich, long-lasting intense colours and a luxurious shine.

The rich 7-Oils Serum treatment contains over a million oil droplets that indulge your hair with extraordinary care, for beautiful and healthy looking hair that is amazingly supple to touch.


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