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Melolin Non Stick Dressing 10 X 20cm X 100

Melolin Non Stick Dressing 10 X 20cm X 100

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Melolin consists of three layers:

*Low adherent perforated film
*Highly absorbent cotton/acrylic pad
*Hydrophobic backing layer


Low adherent perforated film

*Allows for rapid drainage of exudate, reducing trauma to healing tissue

Highly absorbent cotton/acrylic pad

Patient Comfort
*Cushions and Protects
*Comfortable and minimises pain on removal

Easy to cut to shape
*Retains its integrity when cut

*Inert and non-sensitising

Delays time to strike through
*Significant improvement in terms of strike through, therefore requiring fewer dressing changes

Available in Sterile or Bulk Format

Contraindications / Precautions

*Change dressing daily or more often according to the condition of the wound

*Seek medical advice immediately for all serious wounds and burns, or if redness or discomfort occurs


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