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Vita Diet French Vanilla Smoothie Sachets 14

Vita Diet French Vanilla Smoothie Sachets 14

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The Medical Vita Diet was devised by doctors as a treatment for obesity without depriving the body of balanced nutrition. It was introduced into Queensland Medical Centres in 1987 and has achieved outstanding success.

'It is based on the concept of the proven, safe, sure system of weight loss, termed the Protein Sparing Modified Fast'. This means:

'Your Proteins (the building blocks of your body) will be spared or protected, ie 'protein sparing'.
Modifed Fast? By limiting carbohydrate intake, your body will switch burners and burn your own stored body fat for energy or fuel.' (Dr Holloway, C., p5, Guide to the Medical Vita Diet.)

_ The eating programme is designed to teach people to eat fresh foods rather than processed, and to avoid all sweet, fatty and starchy foods. The nutrient enriched drinks which supplement this plan contain no artificial colourings, no artificial sweeteners and minimum additives. The shakes are very pleasant tasting, with no after taste, and contain complete protein, with 8 amino acids, carbohydrates, and essential vitamins and minerals.

_ Dieters consume two Medical Vita Diet milkshakes a day (typically breakfast & lunch) for nutritional supplementation. The Medical Vita Diet Milkshakes come in six great flavours. The third meal (typically dinner) comprises lean meat, skinless chicken or fish, and a selection of vegetables. A multivitamin tablet is taken with every sachet.

_ In addition, the dieter may snack on foods from the 'permitted foods' list, and should drink 8-10 glasses of water per day. The dieter should also engage in 20-30 minutes of exercise daily, for example, walking, to achieve optimal weight loss results.

_ If the average dieter adheres to the Medical Vita Diet programme, they can lose between 1 to 3kgs a week.

The Programme

The Medical Vita Diet programme is primarily tailored to helping people combat their obesity problem. As many obese people suffer from heart problems, they may have to take drugs like warfarin or ace-inhibitors. For this reason the shakes do not contain vitamin K, which could react with warfarin, or potassium which could react with the ace-inhibitors. People suffering from medical conditions can request a Vita Tech GP Approval Form from their pharmacist.

_ By consuming two Medical Vita Diet milkshakes a day for nutritional supplementation and eating foods from the suggested lists provided in the usage guide, the average dieter can lose between 1 and 3 kgs a week.


1) Have shakes at any two meal times. Add the Medical Vita Diet sachet to 200 - 250mls of chilled water and shake. Use a blender with a handful of Ice for best results. Have food from selected list if still hungry. Medical Vita Diet shakers are available in Blue, Pink and Yellow.
2) The third meal of the day includes proteins and vegetables from the suggested lists. These foods are natural, unprocessed, high in nutrition, and low in calories and carbohydrates.
3) Mix approximately one dessert spoon of olive oil and one spoon of apple cider vinegar. (salad dressing)
4) Drink 8 glasses of water each day.
5) Exercise for 30 minutes a day - brisk walking is quite acceptable.
6) Season your food with 'lite' salt if desired.
7) Take 1 multivitamin capsule daily


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