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Medi Freeze Tick Off Freeze Spray 38ml

Medi Freeze Tick Off Freeze Spray 38ml

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Medi Freeze Tick Off spray removes ticks quickly, 38mL bottle.

What are ticks?
Ticks are commonly encountered across the east coast of Australia due to the moist, bushy vegetation. Ticks are around all year long, but are particularly active after rain and periods of high humidity (October-February). Tick Bites can cause minor localised irritation, and even severe allergic reactions.

What is Medi Freeze Tick Off spray for?
For removal of ticks.

Why should I use Medi Freeze Tick Off spray?
Removing a tick manually or with tweezers, increases the chances of squeezing the tick. This can lead to the tick injecting more toxin. Medi Freeze Tick Off is a targeted spray which freezes the tick, without touching it. Freezing the tick reduces the likelihood of the tick injecting more toxin, as it is not manually squeezed.

Who is Medi Freeze Tick Off for?
Suitable for children over the age of 4.

Important information: Freeze it, don't squeeze it!
If you are planning on pulling out the tick, be sure to use fine-tipped forceps (pointy-ended tweezers). If done correctly, this method can remove ticks. However, this method is tricky and requires practice. Done incorrectly, this could result in squeezing of the tick's body, and increases the chances it will inject more toxin. Therefore it is recommended you freeze the tick with Medi Freeze Tick Off, instead.

Product type: Single Device Product, Medical Device Class 1 Quantity: 38 mL.

Ingredient: Dimethylether (DME).

  1. Position the opening of the applicator 1cm above the tick.
  2. Hold the dispenser as vertical as possible.
  3. Release the cryoliquid pressing 3 times.
  4. Wait 10 minutes. If the tick still moves, repeat the process.
  5. The tick should fall out after freezing. If the tick does not fall out on its own, lightly dust the tick off the skin once freezing is complete.
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