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Listerine Total Care Sensitive Mouthwash - 500mL

Listerine Total Care Sensitive Mouthwash - 500mL

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Listerine Total Care Sensitive is proven to relieve tooth sensitivity and gives you a deeper whole mouth clean than brushing alone, with 6 oral health benefits:

1. Relieves tooth sensitivity.
2. Contains fluoride to strengthen teeth.
3. Reduces development of gingivitis.
4. Reduces plaque.
5. Kills germs.
6. Provides long lasting fresh breath.

What this product is used for.

  • Relieves tooth sensitivity.
  • Strengthens teeth.
  • Reduces development of gingivitis.
  • Reduces plague.
  • Kills germs.
  • Provides long lasting fresh breath
  • Relieves tooth sensitivity

Use after brushing & flossing.

Ever wondered why you need to incorporate mouthwash as part of your oral care routine? Brushing and flossing alone only reaches 25% of your mouth. Incorporating Listerine as your third step helps to kill germs in the remaining 75% of the mouth and can help reduce plaque to help provide that long-lasting fresh breath.


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