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Flo Sinus Care Refill Sachets X 100

Flo Sinus Care Refill Sachets X 100

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FLO Sinus Care is a sinus wash designed to relieve congestion caused from:

  • Sinus congestion
  • Hayfever and Allergies

FLO Sinus Care is a non-medicated, preservative-free, isotonic irrigation solution for washing the nasal passages and sinus cavities. It’s gentle to use and helps thin mucus, wash it away and clear irritants to relieve congestion.

When a sachet of FLO Sinus Care is reconstituted, it produces a solution which closely resembles the body’s own tissue fluids, so it’s gentle to use. The FLO Sinus Care's bottle is designed to deliver a high volume - low pressure irrigation solution - this helps improve the effectiveness of washing the nose and sinus cavities.

Good results depend on regular washing of the nose and sinuses. Use twice or three times daily or as directed by your healthcare professional.


FLO Sinus Care is indicated to relieve congestion from the following:

FLO Sinus Care helps clear the nose and sinus cavities by washing away excess mucus and the inflammatory materials it may contain. This helps to relieve congestion and discomfort, and can stimulate the body’s own mucus clearing systems.

FLO Sinus Care can also be used to minimise the impact of sinus congestion in people who are prone to this following a cold. If used at the onset or during a cold, the sinuses are kept clean and clear as mucus is prevented from becoming thick and sticky.

FLO Sinus Care helps to wash away unwanted pollens, dust, animal fur, and other nasal irritants from the nose and sinus cavities. It may also help reduce the severity of allergic symptoms by clearing away pollen from the nose.

Use only as directed and see your doctor/healthcare practitioner if symptoms persist.


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