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Flaminal Forte Gel 50g

Flaminal Forte Gel 50g

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Flaminal Forte

Flaminal Forte is a wound care product that supports the healing of wounds. It provides three clinical benefits in the one product:

1) moisture,
2) debridement &
3) anti-bacterial action

Flaminal Forte is an enzyme alginogel, that is, a hydrated alginate with an embedded anti-bacterial enzyme system.

Flaminal Forte is indicated for a wide range of wounds including – leg and diabetic ulcers, pressure sores, complex grazes, 2nd degree burns (deep, superficial), wounds from radiotherapy, oncology wounds & wounds from dermatosurgery.

Choose between Flaminal Forte and Flaminal Hydro based on the amount of exudate. Flaminal Forte – moderate to severe; Flaminal Hydro – dry or mild to moderate.


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