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Fittydent Denture Adhesive 40g

Fittydent Denture Adhesive 40g

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General Information

fittydent® Super Hold Denture Adhesive is a
patented invention. It creates a secure strong
long lasting bond between dentures and gum.
Dentures stay in the mouth firmly. Dentures do not
slip any more, thus, various tissue irritation and
inflammation of the oral mucosa caused by denture
rub will be prevented.

The insoluble properties of fittydent® Super Hold
Denture Adhesive are not affected by saliva or
liquids. Hence, only one application a day is all
that is required to maintain firm hold for
dentures and complete confidence with laughing,
speaking, eating and drinking. You can eat hard
food again as if you had your own teeth.

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