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Elmore Oil Roll On 50ml

Elmore Oil Roll On 50ml

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Elmore Oil Sports - provides fast & effective pain relief for all ages.

Elmore Oil is recognised as an integral part of any soft tissue recovery program. The use of Elmore Oil, following the Faster Than RICER regime is providing an alternative to conventional injury recovery methods.

What is Faster than RICER?
The application of Elmore Oil at the earliest point after injury has been found to speed the recovery process and is an important adjunct to the RICER regime. In fact Elmore Oil can be applied gently to the affected area, without the need for deep tissue massage, after the first application of ice to the pain area. The actives in Elmore Oil do NOT generate heat and they penetrate without the use of massage, thereby making them suitable for use during the critical 72 hour 'no massage' RICER period.

This allows faster recovery as well as a pain free recovery time, resulting in a happier and healthier athlete.

Try Elmore Oil for your athletes has worked for others.

How to make Elmore Oil work for you, for Sports Related Injuries:
Massage Elmore Oil regularly into the pain area, using a gentle rotating action to assist with penetration of the essential oils. Use twice a day or as required for pain relief. Elmore Oil provides relief of pain for up to 6 hours and can be used in conjunction with ice packs or heat packs, as directed by your physician.

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