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Elevit Tab X 30

Elevit Tab X 30

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Trying to get pregnant? If so, you should know that Elevit can greatly reduce the chance of birth defects in an unborn child.

Elevit is a once-daily vitamin and mineral supplement for pregnancy. But more importantly it has been proven to reduce the risk of neural tube defects, including spina bifida.

Unlike other pregnancy supplements its actually been proven with over one million successful pregnancies!

Taken with a healthy diet, Elevit contains the multivitamins and minerals that mums need. It has a higher level of folate than most other multivitamin supplements used in pregnancy and also helps prevent iron deficiency.

Elevit has been proven to prevent birth defects like spina bifida. It's best to take Elevit at least one month prior to conception, although it has benefits throughout the nine months of pregnancy and right through to breast feeding.

Clinically Proven
Many multivitamin pregnancy supplements make claims but Elevit is the only supplement that has been proven in clinical trials to reduce neural tube defects, including spina bifida. The clinical study to test the effectiveness of Elevit involved over 5,000 women. Elevit works!

ELEVIT contains vitamins and minerals for pregnancy and lactation (breast feeding).

Each tablet contains 11 vitamins:

Thiamine nitrate (Vit B1) 1.55mg
Riboflavine (Vit B2) 1.8mg
Nicotinamide (Vit B3) 19mg
Calcium pantothenate (Vit B5) 10mg
Pyridoxine hydrochloride (Vit B6) 2.6mg
Cyanocobalamin (Vit B12) 4mg
Ascorbic Acid (Vit C) 100mg
Cholecalciferol (Vit D3) 500 IU
Alpha Tocopherol acetate (Vit E) 15mg
Biotin (Vit H) 0.2mg
Folic acid 800mcmg

7 Minerals and trace elements:
Iodine 250mcg
Calcium 125mg
Iron (as ferrous fumarate) 60mg
Magnesium 100mg
Phosphorus 125mg
Copper 1mg
Manganese 1mg
Zinc 7.5mg

Contains Lactose
Contains sucrose
Gluten Free

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