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Elastoplast 30310 Mouthguard Youth Assorted

Elastoplast 30310 Mouthguard Youth Assorted

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General Information

Boil & bite mouthguards are designed for a personalised fit. They are ideal for protection from concussion and injury to jaw & teeth. The special thermoplastic (BPA & Latex Free) structure moulds easily around the teeth.


Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your healthcare professional.

Common Uses

Elastoplast Mouthguards are used to prevent injury to the mouth, jaw and teeth while playing high-impact or contact sports such as football, hockey, boxing or MMA (mixed martial arts).


Thermoplastic (BPA & Latex Free)


See detailed instructions for fitting mouthguard in packaging. It is recommended that after each use the Elastoplast Sport Mouthguard be washed in a mild antiseptic, then rinsed in clean water under a tap and dry thoroughly before replacing in your personal mouthguard container. 

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