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ECLIPSE ORGANICS Organic Muesli Coconut Rough With Berries 450g

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  • Relish the Muesli with Bursts of Nuts and Berries - A Delightful Crunchy Dish!

    Always pondering over what to eat for breakfast as a healthy diet? Well, why not give our healthy nutritious organic toasted Muesli a try? Having this as a morning snack will give your day a good start. Enjoy this with milk or yogurt or turn a boring meal into fun recipes like smoothies.

    All-Organic Ingredients - A healthy whole grain snack!

    Eclipse Organics never ever compromise with quality. After all, customer satisfaction is our foremost duty. This product is made with CERTIFIED ORGANIC INGREDIENTS that will give you a guilt-free and satisfactory consuming experience.

    Prepare to embark on a journey of a healthy lifestyle with Organic Toasted Muesli by Eclipse Organics - Truly a nutritious choice for your health.

    Vibrantly healthy food for a Vibrantly healthy life

    • HIGH IN FIBRE - REGULATES YOUR DIGESTION: Muesli contains a fibre called beta-glucan that helps to reduce CHOLESTEROL. Consuming more digestive fibre not only cleanses and  strengthens your INTESTINES, getting enough fibre maintains your regular DIGESTIVE SYSTEM and reduces constipation. Make a healthy start to your day with this delicious Coconut Rough With Berries muesli.
    • HIGH IN ANTIOXIDANTS OF CACAO, BERRIES AND COCONUT - REDUCE FREE RADICALS: Do you always want to look young? Then, don't forget to add this antioxidant rich organically toasted MUESLI to your daily breakfast or snack routine. Antioxidants in Cacao and Berries - clear free radicals from your blood. Caramelised coconut syrup and coconut butter boost oxygen to your skin and leave a shiny glow. Cacao is supremely nutritious and helpful to improve blood flow to the brain and heart.
    • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - ORDER TODAY:We love to know what you think. When you are excited by this Muesli or if there is anything less than perfect, we really want to know. If there is any issue contact us and we guarantee to make it right. Contact us 24*7 to help you out TRY OUR MUESLI TODAY while stocks last.
    • VEGAN FRIENDLY WITH 30% NUTS, FRUITS, AND SEEDS: Give your taste buds a sensational CRUNCHY, NUTTY and, HEALTHY experience. All the nutritious ingredients such as Chia seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Sunflower seeds, Cranberries, Strawberries, and Cashews are plant based foods that simultaneously fulfilled the requirements of a human body with all the benefits to the environment and animals by being 100% PLANT BASED.
    • ORGANIC YOU CAN TRUST - CERTIFIED ORGANIC GUARANTEE: Unlike other brand Eclipse Organic vows to present YOU with no preservatives and an absolutely clean and chemical-free sustainable foods. YOUR HEALTH AND OUR ENVIRONMENT COME FIRST. That's why we kept the Coconut Rough with Berries Muesli GMO and REFINED SUGAR-FREE.So get yourself this MUESLI today and find taste and heath in the same bowl.

  • Nutrition & Ingredients

    Serving Size: 50 g
    Average Quantity Per Serving Average Quantity Per 100 g
    Energy 904 kJ 1808 kJ
    Protein 6.5 g 12.9 g
    Fat Total 11 g 22.1 g
    - Saturated 3.9 g 7.7 g
    Carbohydrates 20.8 g 41.7 g
    - Sugars 7.2 g 14.4 g
    Sodium 7.3 mg 14.6 mg
    Dietary Fiber 4.9 g 9.9 g

    Oats Rolled*, Seeds Blend* (Pepitas*, Sunflower Seeds*, Chia Seeds*), Coconut Sugar*, Coconut* (Shredded*, Flakes*, Coconut butter*), Berries*  (Cranberries*, Strawberries), Cashews*, Cacao Powder*. * Certified Organic.

    Australia & imported

    1 cup = 110g
    1 tablespoon = 8.8g
    1 teaspoon = 2.2g

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