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Denpads Upper Denture 5 Cushions

Denpads Upper Denture 5 Cushions

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DENPADS are the real solution to that "uncomfortable in-between period" when false teeth wearers must persevere with a temporary denture until their gums have shrunken sufficiently for new dentures to be made.
DENPAD DENTURE CUSHIONS are especially processed to fit to the shape of any plate without sticking.


Hold plate with teeth downwards. Centre cushions in the plate ridge and using both thumbs mould it to the shape of the plate.
Don't let the cushion extend above the front edge of the plate. Should there be any overlapping, trim edges.
Place plate with fitted cushion in mouth and bite teeth together for 2-3 minutes.
The cushion will then be softened and perfectly shaped to your individual plate.


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