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Deep Heat Period Pain Heat Patches 3 Pack

Deep Heat Period Pain Heat Patches 3 Pack

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General Information

Deep Heat Period Pain Heat Patches provide up to 12 hours of targeted, sustained, soothing temporary pain relief. Comfortable to wear, this odourless heat patch applies clothing.

• SUSTAINED – up to 12 hours of long-lasting therapeutic heat
• ODOURLESS – discreet relief for work or social occasions
• 1 MINUTE – activation time*
• MULTI-PURPOSE SIZE - 13cm x 9.5cm that can also be used for other joints & muscle areas
• EVERYDAY PAINS – soothe everyday pains as required
• THIN AND COMFORTABLE - size and shape designed for comfort
*patch activates in 1 min and commences heating within 5 mins.

HEAT THERAPY works by increasing blood flow to the affected area providing more oxygen and nutrients to aid the healing process and helps restore movement.

Common Uses

For the effective relief of period pain. This product is air activated.


OPEN ONLY WHEN READY TO USE AS PRODUCT IS AIR ACTIVATED. Tear open plastic packet, remove protective ?lm from patch & apply to the affected area, adhesive side on to clothing. To remove, slowly peel off the patch. After use, dispose in normal household waste. Each patch is for single use only.

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