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Cedel Hairspray Firm 40g

Cedel Hairspray Firm 40g

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Cedel is regarded by users as the best hairspray ever produced, because it holds superbly and yet brushes out so easily.

For over 50 years we have developed a highly effective 'resin system' blending the resin, the conditioning agents and the fragrance enhancers so the hold is there but it brushes out easily.

We use the best resin and we add a little lanolin which gives 'lustre and shine.'

We are very proud of the large number of loyal users who use Cedel hairspray everyday...some of whom have used Cedel hairspray for over 50 years.


* Light perfume
* Soft Natural Hold
* No residual resin build up
* Brushes out easily & completely
* Contains special additives to accentuate the shine of the hair
* Great value


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