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Bushman Heavy Duty Aerosol 225g

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General Information

Bushman ‘Heavy Duty’ Aerosols are 'over 200% stronger' than any other aerosol repellent. Outdoor professionals, sports & tradespeople often need a repellent that is super tough & very long lasting. This formula combines the staying power and resilience of Bushman Dry Gels in an easy to apply spray. Excellent water, sweat, rub resistance insures that no matter how bad the bugs, you will be protected for hours longer than with any other spray-on or roll-on repellent.
• 10 Hours Protection.
• Professional Strength.
• 40% DEET - Heavy Duty.
• Water, Sweat & Rub Resistant.
• Non Greasy.
• Light Scent.
• Sprays upside down.


Do not spray towards mouth or eyes.

Keep out of reach of children.

Do not spray directly on pets, exposed food, water, food preparation areas or food utensils.

Extremely flammable. Do not store or use near naked flame, heat or any incandescent material.

May be dangerous, particularly to children, if used in large amounts on the skin, clothes or bedding or on large areas of the body, especially if using for a long time.

Deliberately sniffing or inhaling concentrated spray can be harmful or fatal.

Common Uses

Aerosol 40% Deet insect repellent.


Hold can upright 15-20cm from exposed skin and lightly spray with a slow sweeping motion. To apply to face, spray on hands and rub on.


To apply to clothing, spray on where clothing fits tightly against the body.

Reapply only as necessary.


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