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Mundicare Burnaid Gel 25g

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he key to minimising the damage caused by a burn is to rapidly cool the burn. The sooner the burn can be cooled, the less damage is caused to surrounding tissue.

Burnaid burn gel offers rapid cooling to the burn, and fast ongoing pain relief.

Burnaid is water soluble and non-pigmented - allowing easy assessment of the burn and can be readily rinsed off should further treatment be necessary.

Burnaid is non-toxic and can be used on children and adults.

Burnaid has been extensively researched and developed over 20 years, and is used in hospitals, by defence forces, ambulance, industrial first aid, emergency services, throughout the USA, Europe, Scandinavia, Asia and Australia.

* Rapid relief from the pain of burns
* Fast cooling of the burn to help prevent tissue damage and aid the healing process
* Helps minimise trauma
* Helps prevent infection
* Non-adherent
* Water soluble gel which can be readily rinsed off




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