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Breathe Right Nasal Strips Clear Large X 10

Breathe Right Nasal Strips Clear Large X 10

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Breathe Right Nasal Strips Clear Large X 10 are drug-free and clinically proven to instantly relieve nasal congestion, helping you breathe better so you can sleep better. Works within 5-10 minutes and may provide effective relief for up to 12 hours.

Each Breathe Right nasal strip contains flexible, "spring-like" bands which straighten the nose back to their original shape. They gently lift the sides of the nose and open the nasal passages, providing immediate relief. Which helps you breathe better – with no medicine and no waiting.


  1. Wash and dry your nose to help the strip stick.
  2. Remove the liner and place the strip on your nose.
  3. Press down the ends and rub gently to secure.

**Refer to images on packaging to place them in the right spot.**

Warnings & Disclaimers:

Always read the label. Use only as directed.
If symptoms persist see your Health Care Professional. 


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