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Bosisto's Tea Tree Spray 125g

Bosisto's Tea Tree Spray 125g

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Special features
*Convenient spray with all the uses of tea tree oil
*Natural antiseptic, antifungal and deodoriser
*Effectively kills germs and bacteria
*Suitable for tinea, fungal infections, abrasions & insect bites
*Great shoe deodoriser
*Natural cleaner and deodoriser for cleaning, toilets, dog quarters, rubbish bins
*Contains 100% pure Tea Tree Oil
*Over 500 Sprays in each can

Bosisto's Botanicals Tea Tree Spray is a multi-use spray combining all the uses of Tea Tree Oil in a convenient spray. Tea tree oil kills germs and bacteria plus
it deodorises and cleans. It is a natural antiseptic, antifungal and deodoriser.

Bosisto's Botanicals Tea Tree Spray is a high quality, pharmaceutical grade tea tree oil in an easy to use aerosol.
Note: Bosisto's Tea Tree Spray does not contain any Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) Propellant.

Health Solutions
Bosisto's Botanicals Tea Tree Spray is gentle on the skin and does not harm healthy human tissue. It kills germs upon application.
*Antiseptic - Minor Cuts and Abrasions
Hold can 15cm from the area and spray.
*Foot Odour
Spray shoes eg sports runners as required. Repeat as necessary. Helps to freshen and eliminate odours.
*Fungal Infections - Feet & Hands
Wash and dry feet / hands thoroughly. Hold can 15cm from area and spray. Repeat as necessary. To help improve results for tinea, spray footwear as required. Helps kill bacteria.
*Insect Bites and Stings
Spray directly onto the bite to ease the pain and itching of mosquito and other insect bites. Do not rub in. Repeat as necessary.
*Head Lice
Bosisto's Tea Tree Spray has all the traditional uses of Tea Tree Oil. However, as an aerosol, it is not recommended to spray directly onto the scalp. To help reduce the potential for head lice, spray inside caps and hats as required. For any direct contact, care and caution should be used especially around the eyes and potentially sensitive skin.

Always read the label, use only as directed. If symptoms persist, see your doctor. Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Use sparingly on sensitive areas and discontinue use if irritation occurs. Care must be taken with serious wounds and they should be tended by a health professional as soon as possible. Tinea that does not respond to this treatment should also be referred to a health professional.

Household Uses
For floors, hard surfaces, kitchen and bathroom cleaning, spray to help remove unwanted bacteria and odours.
*Mould and Mildew
To help prevent mould and mildew, spray problem area. Do not rinse.
*Toilets & Drains
To freshen and disinfect, spray as required. Kills germs and removes unwanted bacteria and odours.
*Rubbish Bins
Wash rubbish bins as normal then use the Spray to deodorise.
*Travel & Recreation
Spray to freshen and deodorise sleeping bags, tents and camping toilets.
Terrific for freshening caravans, boats and fishing gear.
For dog and pet quarters, spray on bedding and around pet areas to
clean and deodorise. May help reduce fleas and other insects.
*Note: Ensure Spray is not used directly on pets and prevent animals from licking any areas where spray has been used.


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