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Bodigrip Tubular Bandage C 6.75cm X 1m Flesh

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Elasticated tubular support bandage
Bodigrip is specially designed to provide firm effective support for sprains, strains and weak joints
* Easy to apply and re-apply. No need for pins or tape
* Comfortable - allows complete freedom of movement
* Stays in place - provides continuous even support
* Available in a full range of sizes, fully washable

Choosing the correct bodigrip bandage
1. Measure around the affected joint/limb at the widest point
2. Check the size guide
3. Select the bodigrip pack you need

Size guide
Measure around the affected joint/limb at the widest point
Size B = for small wrist, elbow, bandage width = 6.5 cm, joint/limb circumference = 13.5 - 16.5 cm
Size C = for Medium wrist, elbow/small ankle, bandage width = 6.75 cm, joint/limb circumference = 16.5 - 25 cm
Size D = for large wrist, elbow/medium ankle/small knee, bandage width = 7.5 cm, joint/limb circumference = 25 - 35 cm
Size E = for large ankle/mediumknee/small thigh, bandage width = 8.75 cm, join.


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