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Bodifast Tubular Retention Bandage 7.5cm X 2m Blue

Bodifast Tubular Retention Bandage 7.5cm X 2m Blue

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Light elasticated tubular bandage for wound dressing retention and as a wet wrap for eczema and other dermatological conditions


This product must only be fitted by or under the instructions of a qualified healthcare practitioner.
The bandage should be fitted at approximately 50% of maximum stretch and never at maximum stretch.
The size selected must not be too tight for any application and in all instances, the bandage applied must not restrict blood flow or breathing – including allowing for any swelling that may occur after the bandage is fitted.

Common Uses

Wound Dressing Retention for all wound types
Wet wrap for dermatological conditions
Bandage replacement
Under cast netting


85% Viscose
5.5% Polyamide
5.5% Elastane


Tubular Retention Application:
1. Cut Length required for the limb. Make 2 small cuts for the thumb and little finger.
2. Pull over wrist and push thumb and little finger through holes.
Wet Wrap Application:
1. After showering, apply a prescribed topical Steroid, if required
2. Apply liberal amounts of emollient
3. Cover with one (1) wet layer of Bodifast
4. Cover the wet layer with one dry layer of Bodifast.

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