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Bioglan CoQ10 50mg 200s

Bioglan CoQ10 50mg 200s

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Coenzyme Q10 occurs naturally in all cells in the body, but levels decline with age and are often depleted by medications such as cholesterol lowering medications.

Benefits of CoQ10

Powerful antioxidant - CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect the body from free radicals. This also helps improve the resistance of cholesterol to oxidative stress.

Cardiovascular health - CoQ10 is concentrated in muscular tissue such as the heart. It may assist heart health, particularly cardiovascular muscle function.

Energy production - CoQ10 helps support energy and endurance throughout the body through the cell's mitochondria.

Immune Support - CoQ10 may assist in immune function to aid recovery from infection.

Periodontal (gum) health - In clinical studies CoQ10 has been shown to assist the healing of gums.


Take 1 capsule per day, or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Do not take while on warfarin therapy without medical advice.

Ingredients per capsule

Ubidecarenone (Coenzyme Q10) 50mg.



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