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Benzemul 200ml

Benzemul 200ml

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Contains 25% Benzyl Benzoate. For the treatment of scabies and body lice. Treatment for scabies: After a bath, apply a thin layer of Benzemul to the cool dry skin of the whole body from the neck down using a soft brush. Allow to dry. Leave on for 24 hours. A second treatment after 5 days in only needed if live mites are present. Treatment of Body Lice: Apply sufficient to thinly coat the affected region, except face and neck. Leave for 24 hours and wash thoroughly. Repeat after 7 days if evidence of live lice are present. Other members of the family should be checked, and if necessary treated, to avoid re-infestation. If the product gets into the eyes, they should be flooded with water. Caution: lotion may sting or burn. Test on a small area of skinf or 10 minutes before general use. If excessive stinging occurs, dilute with an equal quantity of water then retest. Avoid contact with face, neck & eyes. This product may not be used regularly or for prevention.



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