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Band-Aid Advanced Healing Dressings Large 6

Band-Aid Advanced Healing Dressings Large 6

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General Information
Band Aid Advanced Healing Dressings - Large
* Clinically tested, and proven to allow for faster healing of minor cuts and scrapes than with an ordinary bandage.
* Easier to apply, for superior adhesion.
* Designed to stay on for several days, acting like an instant scab to seal in your body's own natural healing fluids.
* Seals out water, dirt and germs that can cause infection.
* Hypoallergenic.
Do not use on infected or deep puncture wounds. Do not use on burns or stitches. Apply to clean and dry wound. Diabetics and those with poor circulation should consult a physician before use. If redness or swelling occurs, discontinue use and consult a physician.

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