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Avent Teat Silicone 0M+ Newborn Flow 2 Pack

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General Information
A unique skirt system with a one way air valve at its base flexes to allow air into the bottle, replacing the milk at your baby's own sucking rhythm and eliminating the vacuum. Your baby can feed continuously, as at the breast without having to "come up for air". The whistling sound you hear is your guarantee that the air is being released into the bottle - NOT into the milk or your baby's tummy. It's the air babies swallow during feeding that can cause the discomfort, crying and fussing associated with colic.

The AVENT teats soft wide shape encourages your baby to open the mouth wide when feeding and to literally "latch on" to the teat. He or she can then suckle, using similar movements of tongue and jaw as when breastfeeding. That's why it's easier to combine breast and bottle feeding with AVENT.

When choosing the right teat for your baby please remember that age indications on packaging are approximate as babies develop at different rates. You will know when your baby is ready to move onto a faster flow rate because he or she will try to suck harder to get the milk more quickly and may show signs of tiredness or frustration during feeding.

AVENT Teats are color coded to help you find the correct flow rates.

Newborn Teat - Extra soft - One hole. Suitable for newborn and breast fed babies.

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