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Alpha Keri Wash 1 Litre

Alpha Keri Wash 1 Litre

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Alpha Keri Wash is a lathering soap free, liquid wash in a convenient pump-pack that is especially suitable for dry, sensitive skin. It lathers and rinses clean away without stinging, irritating or drying the skin. It is recommended for every day use on the face and body.

* Has pH of 5.5
* Fragrance free / lanolin free / hypo-allergenic
* Non-comedogenic
* Lathering / soap free
* Package design pump pack
* Shower / bath therapy
* Flexibility of usage
* Cleans thoroughly without stinging, irritating or drying

* Within pH range of normal skin
* Will not aggravate sensitive skin
* Will not block pores
* Suitable for dry, sensitive skin
* Convenient to use
* Effective and convenient cleanser for people with dry skin problems
* Ideal for a wide range of uses shower/ bath/ hand washing
* Gentle enough to use on the face and body

Dosage and Application
To be used as an alternative to soaps and is recommended for everyday use.

Wet the skin, squeeze a small amount of Wash into your palm and apply the Wash, gently working into a rich lather by massaging in a circular motion. Rinse thoroughly and gently pat dry with a soft cloth rather than rubbing, as this will retain the moisture more effectively. Use on the face and body.

A loofah or a body sponge can also be used as this will gently exfoliate and dead skin cells which can accumulate to form rough patches and even pimples.

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