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Able Spacer Anti-Bacterial Whistle Mask - Infant

Able Spacer Anti-Bacterial Whistle Mask - Infant

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The new ABLE Spacer™ Antibacterial Small Mask is embedded with silver ion to protect against 99% of all harmful bacteria (demonstrated by ISO 22196 tests). Up to 27% of common masks may contain bacterial contamination that causes harm to the lungs and even pneumonia.


The small mask with coaching whistle is designed for infants. The whistle makes a sound at the correct inhalation rate, providing feedback to the carer when the medication is being inhaled.

How it works
When bacteria comes into contact with a silver ion protected surface, the silver ions inhibit the bacteria’s ability to multiply, therefore they die.

For use with Able Spacer™ and puffer medication. Single patient use.

Able Spacer Antibacterial Mask features

Anti-static properties
Suitable for infants and children aged 0-4 years (guide only)
Coaching whistle assists in training.


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