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WESCOBEE Honey 100% Pure Australian 375g

WESCOBEE Honey 100% Pure Australian 375g

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WESCOBEE Honey 100% Pure Australian - Twist & Squeeze 375g

Honey is the nectarous and saccharine exudations of plants (Honey Flora) gathered, modified and stored by the honey bee.

Honey sold can be either of a single source or of a blend of floral honeys to give a required colour and flavour.

The honey shall be clean, practically free from foreign matter including wax, comb and bee parts.

This pure honey is free of additives, noxious substances , fermentation and admixtures of any kind including sucrose and invert sugars.




Dairy free.


Gluten free.

Certified organic.

Product of Australia.

About Wescobee

With over 85 years in the industry, Wescobee continues the long tradition established by its founders, in ensuring a quality honey product is maintained from the point of production to the end consumer.

Wescobee has a renowned reputation for marketing a genuine pure and natural honey in over twenty-one countries around the world and is the second major honey exporter of consumer packaged honey from Australia.

Wescobee honey is produced in the wild forest reserves of the South West and the desert areas of Western Australia. These regions are ideal for the production of pure and natural honey due to the clean and unpolluted environment, a climate characterised by long sunny days and a clear atmosphere aided by the strong cleansing Antarctic winds.

Product Ingredients

100% Pure Australian Honey

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